The Next Big Leap in VR SexTech Frontier Is Funded

HONG KONG OCT 29, 2015 – Not only completing its funding but having nearly doubled it, the eJaculator VR team is excited to announce additions to the new product feature of opening the hardware and offering an SDK Developer Kit. By doing so the product will be compatible with other Virtual Reality (VR) headsets like Oculus, Samsung VR Gear, HTC Vive and other TBA (to be announced) VR headsets By opening the Hardware, this will allow Developers, Content Producers, Tube Sites and the DIY Community to develop more apps and content that works for the eJaculator device.

The success of the IndieGoGo campaign will allow the eJaculator team to continue development of it’s proprietary app with the added bonus of linking supported apps that are compatible with the eJaculator.

Additionally, the team was excited to learn the YouTube product introduction video has been viewed over 220k times with 40k of those views being from Argentina in just one week’s time.

The IndieGoGo campaign, which recently ended on October 27, 2015 raised $84,169 in 33 days, 175% funding over it’s initial goal of $48,000. The eJaculator VR team will continue to accept orders through the IndieGoGo In Demand service.

As a result of reaching the first stretch goal of $80k, the makers of the eJaculator VR will be able to design and create the desk mount accessory. The makers of eJaculator have established three additional stretch goals of up to $150k. By reaching the $100k goal, each backer will receive the desk mount for free. By reaching the $125k goal, eJaculator will be able to design and develop the other mounting device which is to be used between the legs and purpose will be to hold the eJaculator device in place. By reaching the $150k stretch goal, eJaculator team will provide each backer who purchased the eJaculator device with both the desk mount and leg mount for free.

The accessory mounts which is envisioned as a device to enhance men’s experience in the virtual realms of solo pleasure in multiple surfaces and locations around the comfort of their own home.

Current backers already receive a LIFETIME discount of 20% off all retail priced, tangible product(s) the eJaculator develops and sells to ALL backers of eJaculator units.

The eJaculator founder Steven Csanyi and the Digital Strategist CJ Moore of eJaculator VR has been invited to a Sirius XM radio show interview with Jay Thomas on The Jay Thomas Show held October 27 at 4pm EST. A re-airing of this interview will be played on the Howard Stern 101 show on Friday, October 30th.

About eJaculator; eJaculator designs and develops Male Pleasure Toys utilizing VR. Combined with our powerful app you will be able to take full control while in the virtual reality world all while experiencing a see what you feel combination. We’re also tackling the education behind building stamina by building a customized course with three different silicone sleeves, to be used in different levels of stamina build up and tolerance. eJaculator Hardware is now open in which it will provide an SDK and platform for content producers, tube sites and more to easily build their own app without spending tens of thousands.

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Questions or Inquiries; Steven Csanyi, Founder and CEO of eJaculator Limited HK, or +1.415.367.3118

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